8.5x11 is an ongoing multiples print exchange project. Anyone is welcome to facilitate their own 8.5x11 exchange, with or without my knowledge.

The model: 11 artists are invited to make eight 8.5"x11," relatively flat, physical images, each in an edition of 11. They are also asked to produce a "half page," which gets sent to another artist to complete - a collaborative piece that bridges from artist to another. The result is a portfolio of 99 pieces in an edition of 11.

8.5x11 I included Jonathan Chamberlain, Steven Foutch, Matisse Giddings, Katie Hennessy, Melissa Kintz, Valerie Leuth with Paul Roden, Melissa Kintz, William Tourtillotte with Julie Tourtillotte, Lesya Godfrey, Kevin Wadzinski, and myself. Exhibited at Studio Art Center in South Bend, IN.

8.5x11 II included Rainen Knecht with Chris Baird, Keith Evans, Mikel Weymouth, Audrey Molinare, Sharon Gill, Thom Klepach (TEK), Michael Krueger, Suzy Poling, Jordan Stein, Newman Jones, and myself. Exhibited at Experimental Station in Chicago.

https://mtgiddings.com/files/gimgs/th-82_8_5 box on black(small).jpg