Origin Pt. 2: Junk Jewelry

Mather's public start came from painting a Buckeglock sign on a piece of wood for a one-day sale of hand-made junk jewelry in the CELLspace Mission Village Market at 18th and Florida in San Francisco. The event took place in conjunction with Cyclecide's Pedal Monster event, just before the Mission Village Market was slated for demolition.

True assemblages on string, the jewelry were fabricated by supergluing children’s museum debris to select items from the gutters of San Francisco. They were then strung from the roof of a hut made of cardboard inserts from fabric bolts (depicted below as later installed inside the CELLspace gallery). After the event, they were made available for sale in the nearby Pirate Supply Store and may still be in their possession.

Junk jewelry continues to be a passion of Mather's to this day.