as the ginger merperson

Merrrthew (alternately spelled Merthew and Mertthew) Gingerlings
aka The Ginger Merperson
aka The Orange Sea Witch

Genderqueer merperson, orange sexual and creative energy incarnate emerging from watery depths, who has transformative encounters with everyone. The ginger merperson had earrings placed in their ears at a gift shop at Carolina beach by Angela, gave 13 hours of tours of the haunted museum at Elsewhere Living Museum, and are currently preparing for their drag show debut, altered Little Mermaid songs and all.

A working name for the the ginger merperson is Mertthew Gingerlings (c/o Salty Xi Jie Ng) or GinGerMerPerSon.

Romance novel, "First Encounters with The Ginger Merperson," forthcoming. See cover mockup below.