Family Giddings

Family Giddings was created in collaboration with Matisse Giddings, my creative and life partner of 16 years. Golden, Juju, and Ocean joined the collaborative at the time of their respective conceptions.

Select projects include:
⇝shoe shining
⇝art conversations and art making with family elders
⇝popcorn sewing and related nature interventions
⇝research trips to England, Innsbruck, and Mexico City
Popcorn Shiny Movie Theater Mngr. Golden
⇝legal family name change
⇝vasectomy anticipatedfailed welcome, ocean!
⇝Menden Hall, Greensboro, NC
Temporary Arrangements found object assemblage and still-life watercolors and drawings at Ox-Bow
Collaborative Family Residency at Elsewhere Living Museum, with Nana and nibbling Mabel
⇝year-round midwest bicycle commuting and advocacy
⇝divorce impending
⇝beautiful queer post-marriage family life anticipated Shot 2020-02-09 at 10_30_25 AM.jpg