With the opportunity to have a sculptural work situated in the middle of a college campus in a rural community, I wanted something that was both visually familiar and jarring.

Spector used wood and corrugated steel collected from local barns and demolished homes. The form references hunting blinds, tree houses, playground equipment, and other vernacular architecture.

At the end of the two years, I chose to leave it, not knowing if it would be torn down or what. Its life was extended, if briefly, when it was used for graffiti practice by the art students before it was destroyed.

The balsa and watercolor maquette lives in the collection of the Tarble Art Center.

Subsequent public art proposals for a giant brick rook for Bloomington, IN and a private periscope booth for the Indianapolis airport were both rejected.

https://mtgiddings.com/files/gimgs/th-37_MTSearle - Spector.jpg