You made it here, somehow. How fantastic!

This virtual index gathers together many of the creative practices of M.T., attributed to respective characters that have managed to lurk their way into existence. All are reconciled in the realm of Bčktglċk.

✌️, M.T., age 40

Welcome wonderful you,

This is meant to act as a formal index of many of the creative practices of M.T. Giddings.

M.T. Giddings is the artist name of Matti Giddings, formerly known as Matthew T. Searle. Mather Seerlo is an alien lounge singer with a triangular hairdo. MT Shadow is a pantomime as a shadow. MTRobertIndiana is a living archive that takes action to bring Robert Indiana's true legacy to light. Mother Gildings is Mother Ginger broken free from the Nutcracker. The ginger merperson is a genderqueer merperson who is sexual and creative energy incarnate. Tiny T.M. is... well, I don't know what exactly yet. It isn't much more than a name at this point.

Anywho, you and your thoughts are welcome. Email me at mt[at]

M.T., age 39

Dear friends,

The project of gathering up my artistic practices to present through this website is new, but I still want you to see it. This recent invitation to join an artist-run space is an invitation to show up as an artist. I have not had to create definition around what and how I make for a long time (this is a fine thing), so it might take a few minutes for this thing to gel (and become its own work).


Matthew/Mather, age 36