Me Day (with Marvin Tate)

Marvin Tate let me know he had been wanting to create a film using his relief sculptures when talked about him participating in WHPK's Pictures and Sounds at Experimental Station. He had a loose script of sequences of images that he found correspondence with the song Me Day. We set a date and for a half a day, I was in his living room photographing his artwork, animating it with the camera. The resulting film had its debut before a live audience, after Norman Long and Angel Bat Dawid performed, and before Marvin performed his poetry and the community jam to Jonathan Woods' film project.

Since we collaborated on this, I have been trying to help Marvin with his ambitious reclamation of his family home in the Austin neighborhood, tentatively dubbed Tate's Place.

In the Pictures and Sounds video, keep watching after the animation ends to see Marvin perform!