2.5 years in residence at Elsewhere Living Museum and Artist Residency as Executive Director.

Fort Night - 24 Hour Zoom program where participants built pillow and blanket forts in their homes and called into 6 channels of workshops, performances, and other activities. Included ArtFlossing (the connections between art and dentistry with Dr. Mark Hyman).

Elsewhere In A Box - seven artist-designed multiples with attached archive tags that offered open ended experiences to channel Elsewhere's spirit anywhere around the world (edition of 200).

Departures & Arrivals - guided, small group experiences through the ground floor of the museum, featuring a flight simulation followed by an immersive theatrical experience of going through a dysfunctional airport. Collaborated with April Parker and Topher Lineberry.

Nightmare on S. Elm Street - gave 13 hours of tours as the ginger merperson through the haunted museum that played with what our society finds scary. Collaborators included April Parker, Khrissy YSF, Avery Rose, and Hausson Byrd.

Alone Together - As a participant in the inaugural Collaborative Family Residency, Ocean, Juju, Golden, Mabel, Matisse, and my mother Barbara, and I all contributed to the process of beginning to transform Elsewhere's Alone Zone into a jungle, with bamboo from Carol Cole's garden used for the Elsewhere sukkah, fake and real plantlife from around the building, and more.

As a parting act, I mounted a found fluorescent orange card with the phrase "Imagine Elsewhere as a way of life" to the ceiling in my room with orange paint.