____ As ____

I had the wonderful opportunity to organize a collaborative project for the youths and staff of the South Chicago Art Center (now SkyArt) when it was still the original one room space.

I created a few key criteria for designing the project:
I knew I wanted to have the result be a traveling exhibit, so I would have the excuse to meet alot of great people and organizations around Chicago's South Side.
I also wanted to use as little new materials as possible.
Lastly, I wanted to invite Mather into the project somehow.

The result was inviting everyone to create life-sized human figures with wood armatures covered with recyclables wearing thrift store clothing. Blank As Blank, or ____ As ____, mimics the creation of a new identity such as Matthew as Mather. We generated lists of people we know (Justin Bieber, Oprah, board member) and possible new identities (wrestler, mountain climber, president of the united states). This led to Oprah as a wrestler, Justin Bieber as a janitor, Michael Jackson as POTUS. (A colleague at ES later pointed out that rightly that Black Jesus was a baby, so Black baby Jesus did not end up representing a new identity, but the sculpture is at the new SkyArt space and is well loved.)

https://mtgiddings.com/files/gimgs/th-32_Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 9_02_17 AM.png