Samantha Davenport was making totally wild assemblage sculptures (and hopefully still is) from anything she could get her hands on. They were bright and gloopy and I loved them. I invited her to do this project with me where we would hijack each others work and then try to recover from that - all within three nights. The first night we installed separate artwork in a room divided by a screen. After the reception, we had one day to do anything we wanted to each other's artwork - anything! And then after that reception, we had one more day to reclaim our own artwork by incorporating the actions of the other artist or just attempting to put something back together.

The second night featured Mather Seerlo's second live performance. image 2_v2.jpg with detail(small).jpg - emination flock with detail(small).jpg I(small).jpg details(small).jpg night 1 room(small).jpg