Mather Seerlo – Improvised collaborations with San Francisco
Glass, house Inaugural Artist in Residence

"For the past 10 years I have explored a character named Mather Seerlo, which came from a piece of mail that had butchered my name. Projects have taken the form of selling jewelry made from debris from a children’s art studio and city streets, producing an album, as well as making drawings and prints. For this residency, I became Mather by making a triangular wig, wearing brightly patterned shirts and cleaning person vests, and packing a small suitcase full of props and tools needed for improvised collaborations. For 3 days I set out in different directions throughout San Francisco to collaborate with people I met along the way. This resulted in taking over an ice cream shop, amplifying walker’s personal music and walking with them, drawings, interviews, improvised singing, reenactment of movie scenes, and much more."

Seerlo's residency with Glass, house marked the maiden voyage of Mather’s fully realized image, featuring triangular hair, oversize floral vests, and matching shirt and tie. In character, he instigated improvised collaborations in the streets of San Francisco over the course of three days that met at the intersection of street performance and the visual arts." copy.jpg